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When Singha Weerasekera was 6 years old, he lost both parents shortly after another. An orphan himself, he was brought up by his aunt and seven half sisters.

On his 21st birthday, Singha inherited the country house from his father and founded an orphanage for GIRLS.
As a homage and tribute to his parents, the house was named after his father; the Peter Weerasekera Children's Home.

Unfortunately many babies, mostly girls, are abandoned and dumped as if they were "garbage", because they are not able to continue the family genealogical tree.
They are only two-, three days or a few weeks old. They are really NOBODY's CHILD.

Due to the intervention of governmental child-protection agencies , a number of these baby-girls come into the loving care of the Peter Weerasekera's Children's Home.
Singha has for 59 years tried to keep the orphanage open, running and trying to survive.

This man, Singha Weerasekera, has shown lots of willpower, courage and hope . NOW he needs YOUR help, MY help, OUR financial support in order to make sure that his orphanage will continue to exist.

Thanks to your help and financial support, a NOBODY's CHILD gets a chance to a better future.

Thank You. Computerclassroom operational
As you can see on the picture, thanks to your donations on the ABN/AMRO-bank, the classroom is fully fitted, with computers, new tables, chairs and printers. Good education and schooling are the keys to a better future for these children.

klaslokaalThank You. Foodprogramme succesfull
Thanks to the many gifts received we have solved the foodshortage for the coming two years. So the girls do not suffer anymore from hunger. They use to have 5 days a month rice and water. Now they even cultivate their own vegetable-garden.

computerklasThank you. Teacher fees paid fort wo years.
The costs for the teacher, have been paid by two sponsors fort he coming two years.

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